Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 from the Iyer family! We said goodbye to 2015 and rang in the new year at home with some friends - best wishes to all in the new year.

I forgot to get a picture of all the kids. Here are the girls singing a NYE song they wrote.
We started the new year with a cold but clear morning kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake. What a gorgeous day!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Chirstmas w/ Badamma, Raji, Josh & Jessa!

The day after we got home from California, Mesh's side of the family came to visit for a week! What a treat it was to have sweet Jessa, Badamma, Raji and Josh here for the holidays! 

Riley-7, Ben-5, Nate-9, Jessa-2
Sweet Ben wrote notes for everyone and left them under the tree on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve pajamas from Belf

Ben's note to Santa
Ben and Badamma on Christmas morning
Christmas morning
Out on the lake on Christmas day.

Josh and Jessa

Christmas dinner
kayaking at night to see the Christmas lights around the lake

Seattle Aquarium - Ben always likes to find this fish that is missing an eye
Ri's favorite present from Santa

Badamma and Josh playing football with the kids.
 For Badamma's gift, we had a photographer come over to take family photos of us all together. Here are a few:

Ben and Jessa hanging out with Badamma

Late night movie-the force is shining out Mesh's face
Pike Place Market
Uncle Josh

The Iyer trio paddling off into the sunset

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

California Vacation

We had a great time in California visiting family. We stayed at Andy, Val and Sadie's house and Joey, Sabrina, Cameron, Colin and Kieran came from New York.  We also made a day trip to Carlsbad to visit the Ludlows. Sun, family, friends - the best!

Ri, Sadie, Nate and Benny
The kids pointed out that Mesh and Meg look like the elves Belf and Lucy.
On the beach with Gramps

When he was 5 years-old he was a very, very picky eater and now he's feasting on mussels and crab legs.
We found a baby octopus in the tide pools! 

At Cirque du Soleil with the cousins!
Riley, Nate, Ben, Sadie, Colin, Layah (Sabrina's sister's daughter), and Cameron
(Kieran not there)
Ben and Colin
Cam, Riley, Sadie - 7 year old girl cousins unite!
Happy 39th birthday Uncle Joey!

The Ludlows moved to Carlsbad last January. We miss having them nearby in Gig Harbor. It was a great day seeing their beautiful new town and home!
Sadie, Riley and Grace putting on a Christmas concert.
dinner time in Calabasas
The best cousin picture we could manage this year:
Kieran- 1 1/2, Cameron-7, Riley-7, Sadie-7, Ben-5, Colin-5, Nate-9
The Kieffer kids and dad