Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More March Moments

It's hard to believe March has come and gone.  We love having Bruno in the family and everyone is learning how much fun and hard work it is having a puppy. Ben likes having a younger family member…he watches out for Bruno and calls her "my lovey". 

First family photo with Bruno :)

potty training in the NW

We are a little extra tired these days.
Ben loves to watch the tournament.

This was on the wall in Nate's classroom - very touching.

Riley's self portrait - on display at school.

Gramps and Mesh took the kids to ride the Duck tour in Seattle while I stayed home to do the taxes…seems I got the short stick on that one!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Bruno!

Our family has grown and we are the proud owners of a cockapoo… here is our sweet little Bruno Hazel Iyer!

We had told the kids we were getting a puppy in June but actually found one that was born in January (on the day the Seahawks won the NFC Championship-it was fate) and was ready to come home in March. Thanks to help from Gramps, Mesh being able to take some vacation days on the days I work, and spring break coming up, all the stars aligned and we were able to pull off getting a puppy during the school year.

Here is the story behind the selection of the name Bruno: I grew up with a golden retriever named Hoya because my dad went to Georgetown.  When Mesh and I started dating at Brown, we always said we would name our first dog after our college mascot Bruno.  Of course we thought we would have a chocolate lab male dog, but three kids and some dog allergies later, we have a female mostly white cockapoo pup named Bruno!  Nate wanted to have a say in her name so he gave her the middle name Hazel, after a character in the Percy Jackson books.

The big reveal on Thursday!

note from Ben :)

Bruno loves this dog bed our friend made!

It's hard to believe she just joined us on Thursday - we love our sweet Bruno!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

from the Irish Iyers!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Riley Isabel is 7!

Happy birthday to our lovely Riley Isabel Iyer! You are an amazing girl! Smart, funny, outgoing, and kind. You are unstoppable on the soccer field, fierce in dance class, a star on the stage, thoughtful and hard working in school, outgoing everywhere you go, and a kind loving soul.  We are so proud of you and we will love you to the moon and back always and forever.

Uncle Andy happened to be in town for the weekend. We had a fun time out to dinner celebrating with family on Friday night. 

Last year Riley had a big bash so this year we slowed it down and celebrated with a girls night out with a few of her closest friends. I had such a great night with these sweet girls!

Meg's nail salon…even though Meg is not very skilled at applying nail polish.
"Fancy" dinner at Coho
Girls night out - woohoo!
The waiter was great and joked a lot with the girls…before bringing ice cream, he brought this out as a surprise dessert.
Cosmic bowling!

Riley let daddy join the girls for bowling. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

March Madness

March has been busy and fun and this tired mama is going to keep the words limited and post the cute pictures.

Riley selling cookies with her troop.
Nate's spring soccer team

100th day of school
Ben and Gramps discussing the past football season
chicks in class
8 going on 18…doing homework at Starbucks
Looking for leprechauns
evening play at our neighborhood park

 Riley had a lead role in the first great play, Biomes.  She loved the stage and was an amazing elephant!