Saturday, January 3, 2015

California Kieffer Cousins' Trip

After Christmas we went to California to cousin Sadie's house for a Kieffer Cousins get together! Cameron, Colin, and Kieran flew in from New York City. The kids (and the adults) had a great time being with family. So many great memories were made! Make sure to check out the last post in 2014 for adorable group photos of the kids.
Sadie lady and the Iyers
Playing in the California sun in the backyard…feels like a resort to us! :)
bouncing with Noni*
These two were terrified of the dogs last year but gave Calli and Millie lots of attention this year (as did Nate)…we are most likely getting ready for a puppy of our own this summer! 
Millie walking the kids

Uncle Andy took Nate for a spin in his fancy car…I went for a spin myself later and had to hold on to the "oh dear" bars - a friendlier phrase for what Andy called them.

Fun ride in the pick up truck 
We hiked up to the observatory  in L.A. to meet up with Joey's family and Sabrina's sister's family and then went out to dinner. (Sadie was feeling sick so stayed at home.)


Back row: Ramesh, Meg, Kieran, Sabrina, Noni, Joey
Front row: Leyah (Sabrina's niece), Ben, Nate, Riley, Cameron, Colin

Nate's first oyster
We are both the youngest of three and the youngest cousin on the Kieffer side…I love my sweet nephew Kieran! 
Family selfie at Johnny Rockets

The oldest and youngest grandchildren.

The granddaughters, all 6 years old.

Noni* and her seven stars!

AJM - the Kieffer kids
outdoor movie in Uncle Andy's truck

More bouncing…there was lots of bouncing happening this week!

Uncle Joey leading the pack.

Dinner at Rosie and Larry's house (Sabrina's parents)

Cameron and Benny

Mr. Tall and Mr. Small

Truck ride selfie

Paramount Old West town, where they used to film movies

Celebrating Andy's upcoming 40th birthday! The oldest Kieffer kid is 40!

Happy New Year!

Larry, Mesh, Andy (and Joey) at the Rose Bowl

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kieffer Cousin Photo Session

We are in the middle of a wonderful family get together in California and took the kids to get professional pictures yesterday.  With Andy, Val and Sadie in California; Joey, Sabrina, Cameron, Colin, and Kieran in NYC and our family in Washington, it is treasured time when we can all be together.  More pics of our week to come when we get home.  Happy New Year!!

Top: Ben-4, Riley-6, Colin-4
Middle: Cameron-6, Nate-8, Sadie-6
Baby: Kieran-6 months

The boys
The girls - all 6 years old!

Joey and Sabrina's trio: Cameron-6, Colin-4, Kieran-6 months

NYC Kieffers

Andy and Val's beautiful Sadie-6
California Kieffer
The Iyer Three: Ben-4, Nate-8, Riley-6

Issaquah Iyers