Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rochester Visit

 A couple days after we moved into our new house, we were off for vacation to the East Coast. The first part of our trip was visiting with the Iyer side of the family in Rochester, NY at Badamma's house. Aunt Raji, Uncle Josh and Jessa joined us for the holiday weekend. We couldn't get enough of our sweet Jessa!

The Iyer granddaughters
The fab four

4th of July fun

The kids and I were suppossed to go to New Jersey first to visit Janine (my college roommate) and her family, but due to our move being delayed we had to cancel that part of our trip.  Neen's family ended up going to her husband's hometown of Syracuse so we met up with them at a random spray park between the two cities-which turned out to be a great place!
The boys: Will, Nate, Ben

The big girls: Riley, Paige, Jenna (baby Tessa was nearby!)

Future Brown University roommates - 11 years to go!

The kids! Ben, Nate, Tessa, Will, Jenna, Riley, Paige

We've come a long way from when we met in 1997! :)
Last summer we bought really cheap bikes for the kids to use at Badamma's house and they got a lot of use this summer too!

Miss Jessa keeping the streets of Pittsford clean.

Raji, Josh and Jessa at the canal

Badamma and her grandchildren

The Iyer boys

We took a day trip to Niagara Falls. A couple years ago we explored the American side and took the Maid of the Mist so this time we went to the Canadian side and took the Hornblower (same boat  trip but red ponchos instead of blue).

family selfie on the boat…hahaha
getting soaked

Last night in Rochester…off to Lake Placid next! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy early birthday Gramps!

We won't see Gramps for his birthday on July 5th so we had some friends over and celebrated today.  So much fun!
Nate on the kayak
Happy kids in the lake.
Nate and his friend Aidan wanted to swim all the way to that big dock in the distance (a park) and Ben insisted on doing it too, in his life jacket.  Little dude made it the whole way and back! My friend and I went by them in the kayaks but Ben refused to take a break.  

Mylie swimming and Riley in the kayak
Charlie, Meg and Ben
Gramps' Birthday BBQ with friends.

And yesterday Bruno had her first swim. I have fond memories of taking Hoya, my dog when I was little, to the beach for her first swim. Sweet memories!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Home!

We moved today! After six years in our wonderful home, we moved just a short distance to the next town over.  We miss the view of Seattle but are so thankful to live on a lake and have a bigger yard!  It is one of the smaller lakes in the area and has a peaceful vibe (no gas motor boats allowed).  We have been swimming and kayaking a lot already and we just got in this evening. Time to unpack and research the best place to buy paddle boards.

We always took pictures of the kids outside the front door on the first and last days of school so we took a picture of ourselves as we left our house for the last time.
Our new home!

Sitting on their dock - lucky kids!

They jumped right in the water even before we went inside.

Nate :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Summertime and the livin' is easy! The kids and I are enjoying the break from school and work. We are staying up late (yet still getting up early), going to the pool, spending time with friends, and playing lots of soccer with Nate and Riley both on year-round teams that had tryouts in May and started in June. 

Gramps is home after a month of travel and came to Nate's first soccer tournament.

Nate celebrated his birthday a couple weeks late with a flag football/dodgeball much fun!

Nate's 9th birthday party

Mylie and Riley at the pool

Good night Seattle...view from our kitchen.

Riley, Simone and Olivia at the pool...friends since they were babies!
Serving donuts and juice at church on Father's Day. Happy Father's Day Mesh! 

And happy Father's Day to my dad too and to Badappa in heaven.
Lauren and the Iyer kids selling lemonade...they made a small fortune.
And here's a hint of what my next post will be about.  :)