Friday, September 30, 2016

September Happenings

September brought with it big changes with the kids and I at new schools. We sprinkled it with fun activities with our family and dear friends to ease the transition.  We made it through September and are all feeling much more settled. Cheers to our next season in life!

Hiking with friends you have known your whole life brings balance to a time of change.

I'm 38!

One week after my first sprint triathlon, I ran another!
Nate's team
Riley's team
Ben's team
Go Benny Go!

Date night with Ben - the first home game for our high school team.

The Puyallup Fair!

Selfie time!

Heading to the BBQ at their school

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Welcome Cousin Mina!

We are so pleased to welcome the newest member of the family into the world! Welcome to our beautiful niece and cousin Mina Julia, born earlier this month! Congrats to Raji, Josh and big sister Jessa!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Riley's Rock Concert

Riley has been taking guitar and drum lessons at School of Rock throughout the summer and today she had her first rock concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Rock on, Riley!

Ben and Ri before the concert - Nate had a game at the same time so Mesh and Nate had to miss.

Proud of my girl!

Riley's best friend Olivia and her mom came to watch too!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Meg's first triathlon

My brother Andy and Uncle Phil are training for the Iron Man in Lake Placid next summer and we are going for a family reunion to cheer them on. About 2 weeks ago when my mom was here, I decided I would not be able to go and just I signed up too! Now the only problem is I am not a strong swimmer (I swim with the kids but have never gone swimming for exercise) and I haven't ridden a bike outside of spin class in a couple years.  The good news is that I love to run and I have 11 months to train. Due to the NW weather, there  is a triathlon season here and it is coming to an end very soon so w/ just 2 weeks of training, I decided a few nights ago that I would do a sprint triathlon today. I learned  a lot including that I have lots of work to do on the swim, I desperately need a bike (using Mesh's bike that hadn't been ridden in a year was tough but got me through) and that I love this crazy sport!  Mesh had to work and the tri had an early start about an hour from home, so I had told my dad and kids not to come. However, after I came out of the swim I had an amazing surprise of them waiting for me! They were the best cheerleaders and motivation to keep on moving!

My silly selfies before the race started that I took for the kids because I didn't know they were coming. :)

Such an amazing surprise when I saw the kids and my dad!

My journey has just begun!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

First day of 5th, 3rd and 1st grade

It's a big year for the kids-they started at the wonderful school that is just across the street. It is hard to be the new kids, but nice they are all three together at school for one more year.  We are ready for an amazing year!
1st, 3rd, 5th

Chilling with gramps before the first day of school

Walking home-it was a great first day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Noni*'s Visit

Noni came out and spent time with the kids while I headed back to work 2 weeks before they started school. Thanks for a magical time Noni! We love you!

The star has arrived and we got her a shirt to go w/ her name!
Nate's tournament

Oh that Ben!

We hosted a soccer get together for Nate's team.

kayaking w/ my mama

Mother and son ending the day w/ good books.

Wine tasting

Ben had a jamboree and Riley also guest played w/ a team.

Riley working out w/ dad

Ben caught this off of our dock-17 inch, 3 pound large mouth bass

Fresh catch-eating the fist just hours after it was caught
lunch out w/ Noni