Sunday, August 31, 2014

Noni's visit

We had an amazing time with Noni, who visited for over a week.  We went to Wild Waves, the pool, parks and Noni made a magical week for Nate, Riley and Ben while I was back at work for school trainings. We are all rested and ready for the new school year to begin.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August Fun

Our college buddy Jermaine and his wife Katherine were here visiting from NY…so great to see them!

Looking for spiders.
Ri and Olivia - rockstars

Denny Creek hike to natural waterslides:


Monday, August 11, 2014

Badamma's House

Badamma had all four of her grandchildren at her house for the first time.  First, we surprised the kids by waiting until a few days before our flight to Pittsford, NY to tell them we were going and then Ramesh surprised his mom by coming the day after the kids and I got there and staying for a few days.  Jessa, Raji and Josh joined us there as well. It was a great week swimming, playing outside, and most importantly getting in lots of quality time with family.

Jessa arrives!

Bills training camp (Go Seahawks!)

Seasame Street at the National Museum of Play

Badamma's glasses
Lost tooth #1 of the trip

Lost tooth #2 of the trip
The long journey home with my expert travelers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Fun

We packed in a lot of outdoor fun in the last half of July.  We enjoyed the pool, going to birthday parties, and the kids had a week of Wilderness Awareness camp.

Annual visit from the goats to graze on the greenbelt by our house

The always stylish Benny Ben

football fever

Happy birthday Ethan and Simone!

Fox Hollow Farm
Fox Hollow Farm

Wilderness Awareness camp with Lauren

friends since they were babies :)

Riley and Isabella - friends since preschool

Mesh had just left for work and Ri asked me to call him to come home for just one more hug.

Ri had some classmates over for a pajama play date

Cameron and Ben
The Iyers and Ludlows - Grace was outstanding in a Gig Harbor community play!
Back to school shopping…yes already! I've only got a few more weeks of summer before I return to work.
Simone and Riley "living the life" as Riley would say.