Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy early birthday Gramps!

We won't see Gramps for his birthday on July 5th so we had some friends over and celebrated today.  So much fun!
Nate on the kayak
Happy kids in the lake.
Nate and his friend Aidan wanted to swim all the way to that big dock in the distance (a park) and Ben insisted on doing it too, in his life jacket.  Little dude made it the whole way and back! My friend and I went by them in the kayaks but Ben refused to take a break.  

Mylie swimming and Riley in the kayak
Charlie, Meg and Ben
Gramps' Birthday BBQ with friends.

And yesterday Bruno had her first swim. I have fond memories of taking Hoya, my dog when I was little, to the beach for her first swim. Sweet memories!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Home!

We moved today! After six years in our wonderful home, we moved just a short distance to the next town over.  We miss the view of Seattle but are so thankful to live on a lake and have a bigger yard!  It is one of the smaller lakes in the area and has a peaceful vibe (no gas motor boats allowed).  We have been swimming and kayaking a lot already and we just got in this evening. Time to unpack and research the best place to buy paddle boards.

We always took pictures of the kids outside the front door on the first and last days of school so we took a picture of ourselves as we left our house for the last time.
Our new home!

Sitting on their dock - lucky kids!

They jumped right in the water even before we went inside.

Nate :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Summertime and the livin' is easy! The kids and I are enjoying the break from school and work. We are staying up late (yet still getting up early), going to the pool, spending time with friends, and playing lots of soccer with Nate and Riley both on year-round teams that had tryouts in May and started in June. 

Gramps is home after a month of travel and came to Nate's first soccer tournament.

Nate celebrated his birthday a couple weeks late with a flag football/dodgeball much fun!

Nate's 9th birthday party

Mylie and Riley at the pool

Good night Seattle...view from our kitchen.

Riley, Simone and Olivia at the pool...friends since they were babies!
Serving donuts and juice at church on Father's Day. Happy Father's Day Mesh! 

And happy Father's Day to my dad too and to Badappa in heaven.
Lauren and the Iyer kids selling lemonade...they made a small fortune.
And here's a hint of what my next post will be about.  :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Goodbye Pre-K, 1st and 3rd grade

The kids finished school yesterday and I have just one more week of work until I join them for summer vacation! We have some major events in store for this summer...I can't wait to get it underway. But first, a look back at the last couple weeks of Pre-K, 1st and 3rd grade.  
Mr. Ben at his new student welcome for Kindergarten next year...with brother and sister already at the school, this boy is ready!
Yep, ready to own this place!
Ramesh went with Riley's class on their beach field trip.

Piano recital - no pictures or video were allowed inside...yes at a piano recital. 

We are enjoying some hot weather this month!
Nate's poetry cafe event at school
Ben watched and acted out every minute of the NBA tournament...starting the games in his warm-ups, watching and re-enacting throughout the game, and copying the post-game interviews. 

Bruno's first grooming session.

The kids on their last day of school holding their pictures from the first day of school this year.

Ben at his end of year carnival saying "Umm mom, you should not be in charge of face paint."

Ben hugging his preschool teacher of 2 years goodbye.  I was doing okay until we walked out the door and then the tears spilled out...I can't believe our family is done with preschool, and on the other hand, I am very proud of my growing kids and blessed to have the honor of being their mom.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nate the Great is Nine!

Nate is Nine today! It is unreal to me that the boy who entered this world and made me a mother came along NINE years ago today. Time has gone by in a flash and suddenly we are at the halfway point of his childhood.  Over the last year I have noticed a big shift in that Nate is becoming more independent and responsible…and while it is sometimes hard to realize that he's not my little boy anymore it is amazing and an honor to see him grow!

Our sweet little Nate when he was just one month old!

Nate and Ezra. He had his buddy over tonight for his birthday dinner. Nate is having a flag football/dodgeball birthday party in a couple weeks after school gets out.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

OWS Camp Seymour Family Camp

When I was a kid, I went to Camp Seymour for sleepover camp a few summers in a row, went with my school for 5th grade camp, and then went back in high school to be a camp counselor for my elementary school's 5th grade camp.  So…I was more than excited to take the kids to Camp Seymour with their elementary school. The school sponsors a family camp weekend there every year. We were unable to attend last year but we made up for it this year by doing all the activities offered: hiking, archery, arts and crafts, reptile room, pool, climbing wall, zipline, canoeing, street hockey, water balloon toss and fight, the german stairs and dippy (early morning run around the camp and jump in the Puget Sound - same tradition from when I was little), Pinhuck (like capture the flag), s'mores, campfire, movie under the stars, and staying in a cabin with several other families.  Ramesh was not able to go so I had my hands full…there may have been one (okay two!) instances when Mr. Indepdent Ben wandered off and I had to have all the camp employees looking for him.  I was that crazy mom running around camp screaming "Where's Ben? Ben Iyer come here RIGHT NOW!" Ben might have thought he was a third grade boy this weekend - staying up and playing with the big boys. :) We all had a great time and came home very, very tired.

Getting the campfire started on Friday night.
Carrie and I having fun at campfire.
movie night
Playing street hockey late into the night…notice little Ben out there!

The dining hall had hot chocolate available at all times - that's my kind of place!
We all did the early morning run on the first day, only Nate did it on the second day. 

Nate was the brave one who also did the early morning dippy!  He did the run and dippy both days so he got the "comando" toe (bead) for his camp necklace.
The boys of our cabin…minus Ben, who was probably out running around.

Love those first grade girls!

Aidan, Nate and Akshay in line for the zipline. 


Jason and Nate enjoying camp food.

Pinhuck! Nate was on the other team and wouldn't stand still for a picture. This was my favorite part of camp - so much fun playing with the kids!
Aidan and Nate after their final dippy - they were recognized with the Comando pin!
beach walk