Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Badamma's visit

We had a lot of summer time fun during Badamma's week long visit.  We played in the lake, went to Seattle, saw a play, sold lemonade, and Nate and Riley had a soccer tournament - it was Badamma's first time watching a full soccer game! We also celebrated Badamma's birthday -we  love you Badamma!
Bruno loved to sit with Badamma!

Badamma selfie :)

Riley's jump series:

Ben's jump series:


Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

We arrived early to enjoy extra time in our cool box seats at School of Rock at Village Theater in Issaquah. 
Go Nater!
Ri and some teammates zooming around between games.

Friday Riley had games at 9am and 4:30 pm and Nate had games at 1:30pm and 7:30 pm.  What a fun day watching them play and hagning out with their teams between games.

Lemonade stand!

The birthday girl with her West Coast grandkids.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Time Fun

After returning from our trip, we have been back in the summer routine which includes lot of lake play, soccer practices most nights, a soccer tournament for at least one of the kids every weekend, and lots of fun with friends. We love summer!!

Our soccer trio

soccer cuts

12 year wedding anniversary!

Russell and Ben at Sounders soccer camp
deer visiting the yard

Riley excited about the addition.
We finally caught a fish and then we caught (and released) over 30 fish in just one day! The trick-these fish prefer worms vs. store bought powerbait.  Now we just need to catch a big one!

Sofia, Ben and Riley putting on a half time performance at Nate's soccer game. :)

This was me attempting to take a nap.

Ben was so happy he passed the swim test at the Y!

Rily is now learning to play the electric guitar AND the drums. I stayed up till 2AM putting these together and then she got up at 7AM and started playing…I needed a nap that day but as you can see from an earlier pic, naps are hard to come by in this house.

The kids have been trading off throwing dance parties in thier rooms, here is Ben getting set up on the night he was the host.  I have yet to be invited!

Watching history - HRC is the democratic nominee for POTUS! (The boys were at soccer or they would have been watching too.)

 Uncle Joey came to visit for a day - he was just in town for the weekend for his friend's 40th birthday. The kids loved fishing with Uncle Joey and Joey was here for Ben's soccer scrimmage.

Saturday morning street soccer event for they youngest boys and girls teams in the club. Benny had so much fun!