Monday, June 5, 2017

IronMan 70.3 Victoria

We traveled to Victoria, B.C. this weekend for the IronMan 70.3.  It was my first half IronMan (and third triathlon ever) and Andy's fourth half IronMan.  It was awesome and a great step towards the full IronMan in July.  I was most proud that I completed the swim without feeling anxious. I jumped right in and kept on going for 1.2 miles, then on to a 56 mile bike ride followed by a half marathon. Whew! It was amazing to have my kids, Mesh and our dad there cheering us on!

On the Victoria Clipper on our way to Canada!
Friday night in Victoria.

Saturday morning-the day before the race - on our way to the IronMan Village to check in and do a practice swim in the lake.

At check in - so much fun spending the day with my brother Andy. I'm so glad he talked me into training for the full IronMan and doing the half IronMan as part of our training.

The Iron Kids run - the main event on Saturday!

testing out the water on Saturday

The big day - surveying the crowd before we got in line for the swim. Boy was I nervous!

My face says it all - I was so proud that I overcame my anxiety and completed the swim. I came out and shouted, "I did it! I finished the swim!"

I caught up to Andy on the run - so fun to see each other on the course!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Nate's 11th birthday!

Nate the Great turned 11 today! We celebrated last weekend with a lake play/game truck party. Today he had a field trip to Biz Town - where the 5th graders at his school took over running a town. Nate was the CEO of the bank - such a great day! We love you our smart, funny, caring, sporty son!

birthday breakfast!

Bank CEO Nathan Iyer

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Memories

May was a busy month with Mesh traveling to 4 different conferences, school activities, birthdays and finally some good weather here in the Pacific NW!

Mesh talking at a conference

Riley and Ben were in the Wizard of Oz at school. Ben played the mayor of Munchkin land and the lead flying monkey. Riley was the Munchkin land medical examiner and a guard. :)

Happy birthday Ramesh!

1st grade music concert

1st grade music concert and author share

The kids are helping me get over my anxiety of open water swimming.

The 5th grade living history museum - so cool!

Nate's math club awards ceremony at school. We are very proud!

Ms. Rileybel got her braces off!

 School art show: