Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer fun in the NW

We arrived home from the East Coast and got right into the swing of summer life in the Pacific NW with camps, playing on the lake, and lots of time with friends. 

A friend in the yard stealing apples
Ri and Bruno
shadow dunking
concert at the park w/ Olivia
First s'mores in the new home 
Nate and Ezra

Riley did a week of  half day theater camp
paragliders - we see them quite often but not usually this many at once
at a birthday party on a farm

Riley and Simone - splash!
Ben has become quite an amazing little kayaker.


The kids did a week of Wilderness Awareness camp where they hiked, learned about plants and animals, built forts, explored caves, and peed in the woods. :)
Grace, Claire, Olivia and Riley performing songs during a BBQ.

Olivia, Claire, Jenny and Riley
Nate, Riley and Ben enjoying their freedom from mom and their time together.

Aidan and Nate

Mom/son date at the Mariners: Aidan, Carrie, Nate, Meg
Iyer trio chilling

Ben and his buddy Russell
At the theater to see a local production of Peter Pan 
Time for chores! The kids folded and put away all of their laundry only took them 65 minutes. ;) To be fair, the first 20 minutes consisted of Ben wearing underwear on his head and the kids throwing the clothes around the room.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lake Placid - Katelyn and Tim's wedding

The Kane side of the family gathered in beautiful Lake Placid for my cousin Katelyn and her new husband Tim's wedding.  We all had an amazing time with family and the kids loved playing with their cousins and second cousins in the lake and dancing the night away at the wedding. Noni was the officiant and did an amazing job at the wedding.  It was a magical long weekend.

The Kieffer cousins! Nate, Sadie, Kieran (and Auntie Val hiding), Riley, Ben, Colin and Cameron

Surrounding the bride! Riley, Kate, Sadie, Nate and Cameron
The girls: Sadie, Riley, Cameron
Noni and her granddaughters-2008 was the year of the girls in our family!
S'mores w/ Uncle Andy
The Kieffer kids with our mama
Fishing w/ the uncles
Nate, Sadie, Colin, Ben
Riley, Noni, Cameron
Ethan and Ben - second cousins and instant buddies
Val, Meg and the kids in the lodge shuttle :)
That's me paddle boarding while the kids play in the water.
Hugs for the sweet baby of the bunch - Kieran!

Paddling w/ Colin
Sadie and Nate
bowling at the lodge
Tim and Kate - the happy couple!
Night out w/ my brothers 

Nate, Riley, Sadie
Ben and Colin
Benny and Mesh 
Sadie and Riley watching Nate

Sadie, Riley, Nate and Ben ready for the wedding
Sweet Ben!
Our beautiful trio
The Iyer family ready for the wedding. The wedding was the weekend of our 11 year wedding anniversaries (7/10-Catholic wedding & 7/11-Hindu wedding).
Ben, Cameron, Riley, Sadie, Nate, Colin 
Noni and her stars (minus baby Kieran)
The Kieffer kids and grandkids (minus Kieran)
Joey, Sabrina, Andy, Valerie, Meg, Ramesh
Ben, Nate, Cameron, Colin, Riley, Sadie
Colin and Ben looking sharp!
Meg, Joey, Andy
Party table!

Ben moving too fast to capture!
Ri and Mesh dancing to "My Girl" and Ben photobombing.
The Kieffer cousins with the beautiful bride.